Canada & Ontario 150 Awards

September 12, 2017

Brantford, Ontario, September 9, 2017 Phil McColeman, Member of Parliament for Brantford-Brant, and  Brant MPP Dave Levac, hosted a ceremony and celebration today at the Sanderson Centre to present 150 individuals and organizations from the Brantford-Brant riding with a special award to commemorate Canada and Ontario’s 150th birthday.

The sesquicentennial anniversary of our country is a rare opportunity for Canadians to celebrate this significant occasion by recognizing those who have gone above and beyond in their service and desire to be responsible citizens.

This unique award serves to honour persons who have made substantial contributions in our community, province and country and acknowledges that others are truly grateful for their hard work, dedication, energy and passion.

Recipients were chosen through a nomination process under various categories including community builders, agriculture, caregivers, educators, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, emergency responders, good neighbours, arts culture and heritage, athletes, coaches, students, seniors, and service clubs.

“Today is a wonderful occasion to celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to service for their fellow citizens, their community and their country,” said Brantford-Brant MP Phil McColeman. “Some of these individuals are widely recognized for their tremendous contributions, while others represent the unsung heroes of our community. This award signifies our tremendous gratitude for everything that they do.”


“Our community has such a large body of selfless volunteers who give of their time and resources.  They make this community the best place to live, work , play and raise a family, said Levac.  It is fitting that Phil and I come together to celebrate these fine people as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada & Ontario.  These people are but a sample of the many more who volunteer to make us the envy of the world.”




Those recognized for their outstanding contributions include:

Danuta Azman-Zielinski, Gregory Baetz, Todd Bannister, Retired Auxiliary Staff Sgt. Norm Barrieau, Jack Bawcutt, Charles (Chuck) Beach, Brian Beattie, Stephanie Bennett, John Berki, Lisa Berki, Ron Birkett, Sherron Birkett, Shari Biro, Sandra Blackmore, Sheri Blackmore, Max Blouw, Derek Bond, John Bradford, Mike Breuls, Sharon Brooks, Tara Buchanan, Jeff Burnham,  Bob Caissie, Dave Carrol, Marty Chapple, Ken Chisholm, Bob Coyne, Bill Chopp, Leah Cochrane,Dave Collins, Cst. Andrea Cooper, Sgt. Brad Cotton, James Crick, Brett Davidson, Roger Davis, Larry Davis,  Claude Denis, Deputy Chief Rob Dinner, Sarah Disher-Neddow, Anwar Dost,  Janice Doty, Dennis Duce,  Rev. Florence Edwards, Bill Emmott, Jean Emmott, Harry Emmott, Eva Evans, Pat Eyzenga, Robert Feagan, Steve Ferlatte, Mick Ferras, Mike Foster, Shelley Gaudet, Ethan Golden, Jeremiah Golden, Brent Goodnough, Walter Gretzky, Marion Haines, Elsie Hankinson, Peter Ham, Helen Hamilton, Bob Hasler, Jennifer Hatfield, Barry Hill, Donna Howell, Betty Hurley, Doug Hunt, Louise Imola, Rick Imola, Bob Johnson, Abby Johnston, Aden Johnston, Sherry Kerr, Amos Key, Evelyn Kidder, Jean Kincade, Carolyn King, Michelle King, Andrew Kojelis, Charlie Kopczyk, Joanna Korchowiec-Szeksztello, Bernie Korfmann, Melanie Kraemer, Harold Krause, Dora Kuilboer, Brenda Kuiper, Steve Kun,Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Kunej, Marc Laferriere, Lansdowne Children’s Centre, Miriam LaPeare, Chloe Laro, Retired Sgt.Grahame Lee, Ken Lefebvre, Ruth Lefler, Insp.Peter Liptrott, Dr. Donald Lowcock, Rodger Lyster, Bob MacLean, Reg Madison,  Rick Mannen, Lucy Marco, Diane Martyniuk, Corrinne McClure, Marilyn McCulloch, Daniel McDougald, David McKee, Shannon McMannis, Pete Melkert, Colleen Miller, Joan Minnery, Sharon Murphy, Joy O’Donnell, Ana Olson, Randy Papple, Paris Agricultural Society, Bob Peever, Chrystal Petit-Pas, Dorothee Petit-Pas, Norm Philpott, Meryl Pirasol, Derek PIte, John Procee, Rev. Deane Proctor, Mike Rafferty, Fran Raworth, J.Crawford Reid, Cindy Rock, Rick Rock, Mary Rouble, Brendan Ryan,  Sgt. Ramona Ryan, Brian Sayles, Erica Sayles, Richard Shaver, Vyrt Sisson, Barbara Sheardown, Neal Stamer, Nicki Straza, Bill Telfer, Michael Thorne, Rien Vanden Enden, Sandra Vos, Frank Wdowczyk, Jim Whitton, Mary Whitton, John Wilkinson, Paul Williamson, Carol Ann Wilson, Stan Worosz, Brian Witteveen, Grace Zhou.