What They’re Saying…

…About M-430

“We support MP McColeman’s Private Member’s Motion, as it addresses key issues necessary to create more opportunities for people with disabilities in the labour force. We’re encouraged and excited by the unlimited potential and innovative approaches that could be developed as a result of this Motion moving forward.” Lisa Hooper, President, L Tara Hooper and Associates Inc., Brantford.

“There are so many benefits that come from being employed in the regular workforce. There are social, personal and community benefits that often mean more to a person than their paycheque does. People First of Canada believes that Mr. McColeman’s Motion is M-430 is an important step towards increasing employment across the country for Canadians with disabilities.” – Shane Haddad, President, People First of Canada

“As a pediatrician caring for youth with disabilities for the past 30 years, I strongly support MP McColeman’s Motion. Like typical Canadians, my patients with disabilities have a keen desire and derive great benefits from meaningful work. For a variety of reasons, despite genuine desire to work, the current participation of individuals with disabilities in Canada’s labour market is low and action is needed.” – Margaret Clarke MD, Pediatrician, Senior Vice-President of Policy and Programs, Sinneave Family Foundation/the Abilities Hub.

“The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) is encouraged by the recent report of the Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and by the Private Members Motion put forward by Phil McColeman MP. The Private Members Motion  calls on business, government and community partners to collaborate,  remove barriers, dispel myths and finds new means of creating greater labour force participation of persons with disabilities,” said Dolan.  “The Panel Report and this Motion, putting a particular emphasis on youth with disabilities, moves in the right direction.” – Tony Dolan, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians with Disabilities

“We strongly support this motion to build cooperation and reinforce a commitment to increasing the opportunity for meaningful employment for people with disabilities. It has been said that people with disabilities are the weirdest minority of all. This is because you either have a disability now or you’ll get one if you live long enough. Over three quarters of a million working-aged Canadians have a disability but have the ability to work, which represents a huge, largely untapped talent pool that businesses need to take advantage of. Thank you, Mr. McColeman, for your strong support of our cause!” – Brad Spencer, Executive Director, PATH Employment Services, Hamilton

“It is critical that Canada advances employment and labour market involvement for persons with disabilities. We must strengthen efforts to innovate as well as identify and replicate existing excellent approaches in the aim of increasing labour market access for persons with disabilities across Canada. This initiative proactively addresses this critical need; hence we wholeheartedly support this important motion.” – The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Vocational Working Group, and National Planning Committee for the 2013 Annual Vocational Conference in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is extremely pleased to see McColeman`s Private Member’s Motion introduced calling on the government to endorse the recently released report of the panel on labour market and disability and called ‘Rethinking disability.’ - Laurie Larson, President of the Canadian Association of Community Living (CACL)

“We think the key findings and messages of the labour market panel – that the private sector is interested in hiring people with disabilities; that working age people with intellectual and other disabilities are ‘ready, willing and able’ to work; and that effective community partnerships are now needed to put the pieces together is exactly the formula we need in Canada to ensure an inclusive and efficient labour force. The time is right to move on the directions outlined in the report and in the Motion – building on what we know works, innovation in the private and public sectors, a focus on youth transitions, and getting value for federal investments are key to closing the labour market gap for people with disabilities in this country.” – Michael Bach, Executive Vice President, Canadian Association of Community Living (CACL)

“It is difficult to emphasize how important it is to those in the disability community to gain meaningful work and contribute to society. Indeed, it is a measure of a truly progressive society that facilitates values and celebrates the outstanding contributions made by individuals with disabilities. We applaud MP McColeman’s initiative to move this issue forward.” – Dr. Nigel Livingston, Director - Research and Development/Academic Liaison, University of Victoria

“I fully support this Private Member’s Motion by MP Phil McColeman. People want meaning in their lives. They spend much of their lives at work. Employers who provide meaning to their employees have a motivated and loyal workforce, and nothing is more meaningful than changing the life of another person. Hiring an employee with a disability changes their life and the lives of other employees. Employers get someone with demonstrated courage, the ability to work hard and persevere, and an ability to overcome great challenges.” -  Chris McIntosh, Software Developer, diagnosed with Aspergers

“I find it very exciting to read the points in this Motion. If these actions are taken, we have an opportunity to create a better quality of life not just for persons with disabilities, but for the community as a whole. It’s not merely the fact that individuals with disabilities have a lot to contribute, it’s that they also have a tendency to crystalize the finer qualities in those they work with every day. The private sector may not know it yet, but individuals with disabilities are an untapped resource, that, in turn, taps resources those of us who appear to be without a disability didn’t know we had!”- Deborah Barrett, PhD, Director of Community Awareness and Development, Autism Society of Edmonton Area.