Phil's Editorials
Supporting Jobs, Growth and Prosperity in Ontario

February 16, 2015

Our Government has an unrivalled track record of supporting the province of Ontario since we first took office in 2006.

One of the primary ways that the federal government supports Ontario is through transfer payments to help pay for important services that residents rely on.

While the previous Liberal government slashed transfer payments that support vital services in order to balance the budget, our Government has kept Canada on track for a balanced budget while steadily increasing transfer payments every year.

In 2015, Ontario will receive almost $20.4 billion in federal transfers, an increase of 88% from under the old Liberal Government.

This includes $13 billion through the Canada Health Transfer, an increase of 70% since 2006, and nearly $5 billion through the Canada Social Transfer, an increase of 58% since the Liberals.

As well, Ontario now receives an additional $2.3 billion through Equalization.

This support helps ensure Ontario has the resources to provide essential public services, including health care, post-secondary education, and other social services.

At the same time, our Government is making record investments in infrastructure that will benefit Ontario.

We introduced the New Building Canada Plan – the largest long-term infrastructure plan in Canadian history – which will inject $53 billion dollars into infrastructure projects in Ontario and across Canada. Combined with other infrastructure commitments, our Government has now committed over $70 billion to public infrastructure over the next decade.

We’re also investing to support key industries in Ontario to create jobs and generate long-term economic growth.

Many will remember that our Government stepped in to support the auto industry during the global economic downturn. We’re also investing $500 million in the Automotive Innovation Fund to support projects and long-term investments in Canada’s automotive sector.

As a result, we’ve seen some encouraging growth in the auto sector in recent months. The Ford plant in Oakville is undertaking a major expansion and creating 1000 new jobs, and the automaker now plans to increase spending on Canadian-made auto parts by $200 million a year. Another 400 new jobs are planned for at Toyota in Woodstock, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is investing $2 billion to retool its plant in Windsor, and just last week GM announced an investment of $560 million in its plant in Ingersoll.

This does not just mean jobs on the plant floors, but all the way up and down the supply chain, including right here in Brantford-Brant where a number of manufacturers provide parts and products for the auto industry.

We’re also making record investments in skills training, research and education to support not only the jobs of today but also the jobs of tomorrow right here in Ontario.

Our Government has been a strong partner and active supporter for the Province of Ontario since we were first elected and we will continue working hard to keep Ontario on the right track for jobs, growth and long-term economic prosperity.