Phil's Editorials
Enhancing Economic Immigration - Week of March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

As the second largest country on earth, yet boasting only a modest population by international standards, Canada has a job market which has very diverse regional labour needs. One of the ways our Government is working to ensure these jobs opportunities are filled is by introducing our enhanced Job Matching Service, which will connect Canadians looking for work with available jobs.

However, sometimes that is not enough and Canada’s job market needs skilled immigrants to fill these niche job opportunities. That’s why our Conservative Government has enhanced Canada’s economic immigration system through our new Express Entry program.

The Express Entry program improves the responsiveness of our system by enabling us to better select immigrants based on the skills and attributes that Canada’s economy currently needs, while preventing backlogs and processing applications quickly.

Through an online profile of prospective skilled immigrants, the Express Entry program will effectively target the most highly-qualified skilled newcomers from a pool of interested candidates, rather than simply processing those who apply first. And because prospective applicants need to receive an invitation to apply before submitting an immigration application, the Express Entry program will prevent backlogs from accumulating.

The Express Entry program will also expedite successful applicant’s permanent residence applications. For the vast majority of those who apply, it will now take 6 months or less to process their applications as opposed to the 12-14 months it would take under the previous government.

Since taking office, our Government has made it a priority to enhance Canada’s economic immigration system. We have slashed backlogs and introduced important programs to help better recognize foreign credentials, attract the very best and brightest to Canada, and more.

Now, with the new Express Entry System, it will be easier than ever for Canada to meet its diverse regional labour market needs.

Our Conservative Government is continuing to take action to ensure Canada’s economy remains strong and prosperous.