Phil's Editorials
The Price Transparency Act Putting Canadian Consumers First

January 12, 2015

The unexplained and often significant price gap between Canadian and U.S. prices for the same products is a frustrating and all too familiar reality for any Canadian who has ever shopped online or travelled to the United States.

Here are some all-too-familiar examples:

  • 30% more for a 1.5L bottle of shampoo;
  • 13% more for a brand new 46-inch LED TV; and
  • 100% more – double the price – for an 81 mg bottle of aspirin.

Experts estimate that Canadians pay between 10 to 25 % more than Americans for many identical goods. Some components of those price differences are justified – the exchange rate, price of fuel, and product safety standards are all factors outside of our control.

But sometimes the difference in price is because of geographic price discrimination. This happens when companies make Canadians pay more just because they live in Canada. This unfair business practice is hurting Canadian consumers.

Our Conservative Government is committed to helping ensure that Canadians are treated fairly in the marketplace, that’s why we are introducing the Price Transparency Act. This Act will help tackle unjustified geographic price discrimination by giving Canada’s Commissioner of Competition the power to investigate and expose price discrimination publicly. We are strengthening the powers of the Commissioner of Competition who will now have the ability to investigate and expose unfair cross-border price discrimination. This new legislation will help ensure Canadians are paying a fair price for their goods – because we know that every dollar counts.

Canadians work hard to make ends meet. Our Conservative Government’s Price Transparency Act will help put more money back in the pockets of hard-working Canadian families.