GLMS Becomes Ontario’s First Integrity Authority


This week, the province of Ontario added another gambling company to its newly regulated online sports betting and casino section. After the Ontario Liquor and Gaming Commission approved its application, the Global Lottery Monitoring System finally arrived in the province. As a result of the arrival, this organization will assist OLG in its struggle to maintain the integrity of sports betting.

GLMS is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and fighting the fairness of sports betting and sports competitions manipulation. On April 3, 2022, the office received provincial regulatory approval, just one day before it officially debuted on the market.

Working to Make the Market Safer

GLMS will continue to assist its member, the OLGC, and its operations to maintain the integrity of sports betting in the new market through its Ontario license. The organization does not conduct sports betting or lotteries; instead, it offers its members, such as the Crown Company, various services, including monitoring and training.

The organization works to raise awareness about manipulation of sports gambling and fights it through its services. As a result, by supporting cross-jurisdictional and cross-interest actions, the organization is helping to solve this global problem. So far, GLMS and AGCO have had a smooth working relationship, and the organization has offered input to the regulator to improve the Registrar’s gaming requirements.

Lori Sullivan, OLG’s chief land-based gaming and business development officer, who is also a member of the GLMS executive committee, said the Crown is pleased to work with the organization. She said OLG is committed to working with GLMS and its partners to ensure the safety and reliability of the online and retail sports markets.

Ludovico Calvi, president of GLMS, expressed his pride that the association was one of the first registered honest companies to be licensed by AGCO in Ontario. He said the organization is a staunch supporter of a regulated, responsible and long-term betting environment, as the bans have helped limit the growth of illegal markets, criminal organizations and gamefishing.

More Market Information

Paysafe has partnered with a number of provincially approved companies to create a safe gaming environment. Transactions from some of these organizations will now be handled by a leading specialized payment platform. The company will make near real-time deposits from credit and debit cards through its advanced payment gateway, as well as use alternative payment methods such as eCash.

PlayCanada of the Play Network made a bold prediction about the future of the market and how it will operate shortly before Ontario’s new regime takes effect. According to the site, the province will follow the lead of numerous other American states that have legalized both online gambling and mobile sports betting. As a result, online casinos are expected to generate much more money than their counterparts.

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